Saving Water

Top 10 Ways to Save Water

  1. Remember to cut the water off while you brush your teeth. It saves between 3 and 4 gallons of water each time.
  2. Limit your time in the shower by taking only a 5 to 10 minute shower. One individual can saving 30-50 gallons by not wasting water.
  3. Check your toilets for leaks by adding food coloring to the tank when you’re ready to go to bed. If the color shows up in the bowl the next morning, you have a leak.
  4. The toilet uses the most water in the home daily. Replace that high in-efficient toilet with a low flow toilet. It will decrease your water use by half!
  5. Change out aerators and showerheads-a few gallons per minute can cut water usage by half each time you use them.
  6. Catch cold water while waiting for the water to warm before taking a bath and add it into your washing machine during the week. Top loading machines use over 40 gallons each load.
  7. Fix those constant drips or leaky pipes. A small drip can waste up to 3000 gallons of water in one month.
  8. Have each family member keep a cup in the refrigerator for the week to reuse. It helps lessen the filling of the dishwasher.
  9. Catch water from your dehumidifier to water your indoor plants.
  10. Watch your water usage. You could find a small leak before it becomes a major one.